i need to get away from social media and the internet. im not announcing a hiatus but all this social crap is making my heart hurt and it cant be healthy and i need to take a break before i dig myself into an even bigger pit

"madeleine theyre hormones" WHO GIVES A CRAP I FEEL LIKE SOMEONE IS STABBING ME IN THE GUT JUST TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE SHIT, AS IF THE FACT THAT HORMONES ARE PART OF THE EQUATION MATTERS. i still feel like im drowning in negativity, it doesnt matter that hormones are causing it. 

im physically hurting cos im so sad right now im a mess. i hate being sad. being sad makes me feel weak but saying that is such an asshole thing to say. i just wish i wasnt. i want to be super happy all the time and im trying !!! but its not working. 

do u ever get rlly sad when u think about popular/famous ppl u rlly admire cos ur like “u’ll never know who i am, ill probably never meet you, and i sure as hell will never be friends with you” and it rlly hurts but you know you should rlly feel happy with knowing that theyll still be there doin what theyre doin to make a shit ton of ppl happy

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There. I took a half an hour and did this to show how easily it could be done. Now someone should take this idea and do it better than me…

Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter!
No more yuri made for + by men


can we talk about this tho

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